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A digital duplicator, also known as a printer-duplicator, is a printing technology designed for high-volume print jobs (20 copies or more).Digital duplicators can provide a reliable and cost efficient alternative to toner-based copiers or offset printing equipment.

The digital duplicator begins by digitally scanning the original and then transferring it to a master template through a thermal imaging process. Then the master is automatically wrapped around a print cylinder, where the ink is drawn through the perforations in the master creating the print.

Digital duplicators are known for their high speed in comparison to other printing methods. They are able to produce anywhere from 45 to 180 prints per minute, while maintaining a per page cost that can be as low as .10 paisa. They are also considered very reliable because they do not use heat or copier components, such as toner.

You can chose any of the following machines:-

RICOH, the leading manufacturer of digital office equipment, has designed all machine’s in their series to meet the duplicating needs of professional educators, administrators and government agencies with unrivaled versatility, productivity and value.

High-speed printing does not have to be expensive. The Priport™ DX 2430 offers excellent value for your money. Printing an impressive 90 pages per minute, this system is both reliable and user-friendly. Adding spot colours or editing documents for a professional look is easy. This duplicator turns into an extra fast printer when upgraded with a PC controller.
  • High performance.
  • Smart paper feed.
  • Easy colour drum change.
  • Several editing functions.
  • Optional PC controller.

Printing large volumes at high speed and low cost? We make it possible. The Priport™ DX 3443 produces quality prints while giving you total control over output and budget. Integrate them in your network, or use them as extra fast printers. Flexible in their paper handling and easy to use, our digital duplicators are bound to improve your workflow.
  • Excellent productivity: 130 ppm.
  • High volumes, low cost.
  • A3 paper scanner/feeder.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Management and network options.

The DD 4450 A3 digital duplicator is a robust mid-range model offering excellent performance at an affordable cost. Running at a fast print speed of up to 130 cpm, and offering high-quality image duplication, the DD 4450 is equipped with a user-friendly operation panel, an integrated network controller, @Remote capabilities, and innovative features to ensure smooth paper transfer. It is particularly suitable for educational institutions, government offices and NGOs.
  • Fast print speed: 60-130 ppm.
  • User-friendly operation panel.
  • Optional network controller & @Remote capability.
  • Enhanced security functions.
  • Environmentally friendly.
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